Symmetry and Repetition in Photography

One of the things that I love to do the most in life is travel. Travel is one of those special things that has the power to inspire. It allows us to discover new things and step out of our comfort zone.

When you are limited on time, waiting for inspiration to strike or for the weather to align with our vision is just not possible. I’ve picked up the camera a decade ago and I’ve learned a few things and developed a few habits along the way. One of the fundamental building blocks that we all learn Im photography is composition. Composition has the power to make or break an image. By learning the latter early on have helped me to create an aesthetic that can now call my own. This means that we’ve I capture images, I forget about them and then rediscover them.

This particular process does not always work neither is it for everyone but we cannot always rely on inspiration to strike at an opportune time. Inspiration does not work like that. As it has been always said ‘inspiration catches you while you are working.’

This particular image was one that I captured on a trip that I captured on a trip that I arranged specifically for photography. Five days of sunshine and bright skies. I personally prefer moody days for more dramatic images. This time, I chose to step out of my comfort zone and captured images that I normally would not. I focused on what drew me in such as patterns, symmetry and took advantage on the harsh light to play with shadows.

Stepping out of my comfort zone has rekindled my love of geometry, patterns and symmetry. Symmetry and repetition lies at the heart of the laws of nature. It’s calming and pleasant to our eyes.

Patterns are useful for both framing and composition in photography. We use lines to orientate ourselves in the world, understanding scale and our position relative to the ground. But this array of lines in the image below prevent that understanding unless we make assumptions about the lines, their size, distance apart and their fabric.

L’Oblique by Pamela Aminou

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