Seeing Details in architecture

Our instincts when we first see a scene that draw our attention is to try and fit everything into one image. I for one purchased a wide angle lens for this exact purpose. However, I’ve come to learn that details are just as important as the entire scene.

In architecture, details have the power to characterise and define an entire building. The details tell us what a building is, its characters. Details are fundamental to the life and personality of a space. Details also tell their own story.

Details can draw the viewers to see things that are often overlooked. So I do my best to pay attention to my surroundings. Looking for shapes, light and shadows that accentuate things especially reflective surfaces.

What details we capture can vary from the lenses used, the aperture and also the composition. A good example being the images that I am sahring today. These images were capture on the same day, same location and even the same lenses were used. The only varying factor being the composition and the aperture.

Highline : Lens EF17-40mm F4L – ISO 100 @ F4.5

Whole: Lens EF 17-40mm F4L – ISO 100 @ F4

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