Blurred Vision

Anybody else miss anything? I this point I miss about everything. I am finally back at work after being off for nearly three months. Before I left, I was actually looking forward to my surgery so I wouldn’t have to put up with literally the worst management that I ever experienced. Until I find anything else, I am enduring it.

On a brighter side, I am back to some kind of normal but still a little lost on this photography point. I would love to say that I always know what exactly I am doing that would be a complete lie. There’s this notion that we always have to know what we are doing and have life all figured out.

Lately, I am filled with constant doubt. Some days are better than others. Some days I feel that I am alright with what I do, other days I feel like a complete novice and on my worst days I feel like a complete failure.  The confinement has brought out more worst days than I usually have. While I was beating myself up, I realised that I do not have to have everything figured out. Can you image how predictable life would be if we have everything figured out?

This image was produced on one of those days. I’ve always wanted to have a tilt-shift lens but it is out my budget. So from time to time I rent it over the weekend to play around with it. The tilt-shift is one of those lenses that is under utilised. Although it can help create seamless panoramas and distortion correction, by pushing it out of its comfort zone it can help push creativity a little further.

By shifting the lens of its plane, it helped me create this selective focus that I really like. I am looking forward to trying a few more things with this lens.



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