In between Giants – A photography mini series

Early last year, I was lucky enough to be invited to visit The Scalpel building before it opened.

The Scalpel is the new skyscraper addition to London’s skyline. It can be found on Lime street. On the same street and adjacent, you will find the Lloyd’s Building and the Willis building.

The Scalpel is 190 metres tall with 38 floors designed by Kohn Pederson Fox.

Before construction was completed, the skyline around the area changed significantly. This allowed me to capture some unique perspective which made for some stunning images. Because of these images, I was contacted and asked if I would like to visit the building and take some photographs before it was occupied. There was no way I was about to pass up this opportunity.

As expected of London’s weather, it was grey and dull but I was hoping that it would change. Once on the top floor, the view was like no other. It was beautiful, breathtaking and overwhelming at the same time. I’ve never felt so small in my entire life surrounded by those giant skyscrapers.

While I was setting up my tripod, the clouds came rushing by, broke for what felt like ten minutes but in reality was longer.

While everybody were unhappy because there weren’t a proper sunset, I finished setting up and decided to only use my ten stop ND. I made that decision due to the lighting conditions. Even though it was during the day, it was relatively dark but I knew from experience that moody weather made for interesting images.

The resulting images made for an interesting mini series without me realising it.

A different series that you expect from me that I called “In Between Giants”.

Prints and Ebook available on my site:

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  1. These are utterly fantastic. The ND made all the difference.

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