Choices that we make for our photography

While at work yesterday and contemplating packing everything in and just walk out, I came across today’s image and the condition in which I captured it.

First of all, it was in the dead of winter, it was snowing and by the time I put my camera on the tripod I could no longer feel my hands let alone my fingers. Half way through, I went to hide after the rain and the wind kicked up. Luckily I had a beautiful museum full of history to make the time pass by.

I had to hide a couple of times before I was able to finish. Although, I was extremely cold and wet, I had never considered quitting even once. On the contrary, I just continued each time my captured exactly what I wanted.

The strangest part is that I am one those individuals that would happily hide instead and avoid a  day completely when it rains but put a camera in my hand and my purpose and mentality changes.

Whoever says it does not feel like work when you are doing something you love is completely right. The more I continue on this journey, the more I’m aware of my own state of bliss when I’m creating.

Although I still completely hate being behind the computer editing (it is longest part of creating my images), ultimately I completely love it


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