Happy New Year and New Year Goals

Happy New Year to you all.

Although I am starting it late on here, to me still feels like 2018 has yet to end. Unfortunately, there’s still some remnants of last year still trickling down. Hopefully by the end of this month, things will calm down and I will be able to make sense of the changes that have been happening.

At the end of each year, I always make a list of things that I would like to achieve both creatively and personally. Unfortunately, 2018 did not work out according to my plans which means that I was unable to tick off everything on my list.

Here’s the reminder of 2018 list

  1. Continue my still life series – Unfortunately, I wasn’t at all able to complete this series but I’m hoping to expand on this and graduate to more complicated sets like with the Master Painters.
  2. Find and incorporate more nature into my work – Although I captured a lot more seascapes and I was unable to complete this
  3. Read at least one book a month – I’ve managed to half complete this particular goal. I’ve managed 6 books last year which is 6 more than I did the previous year.
  4. Look after myself better – better diet and exercise – I definitely worked out more up to 3 times a week which helped greatly with my insomnia. I have more energy and less ill last year. Learned to better manage my anaemia which means I am able to focus more and have better mood.
  5. Find artists to collaborate with (currently collaborating with illustrators) – I’ve had a series in the works since 2016 to which I wanted to collaborate with illustrators. Although I contacted numerous illustrators who’s work I thought are in line with what I wanted to create, I either did not get a reply or they were not interested. If any illustrators read and are interested, please get in touch.
  6. Start the self portrait series I’ve been pushing myself to do for over a year – Still extremely shy about putting myself out there but I am working on it.
  7. Share info on artists I follow and admire on Instagram and here – Definitely worked on it working on here but still working on the instagram side. Still find it quite difficult to manage a lot platforms but it nothing that better time management cannot solve.
  8. Continue to develop my analog photography and start working on the long exposure series that I have planned. – Half way there. I have quite a lot of scans to share with you but I am yet to get started on the long exposure side.
  9. Learn to print my work especially since I am curious to learn Wet Plate Collidon. Experiment with more printing techniques – Not completed
  10. Experience more cultural events and learn to live in the moment – Last year was a particularly weird one and I responded like I usually do by withdrawing.
  11. Work effectively and not more – Work and life balance: a work in progress
  12. Learn something new everyday – One thing I’ve learned this year is that I am too accommodating and naive. Now that I am aware, things can only change if I want them to.
  13. Learn as a community (more on that on the next post) – Still yet to sit down and put points and plans down and elaborate further
  14. Try to do a photography tutorial a month (I did say try………) – Managed 3 last year and yet to complete 5.
  15. Have a book published on my work (I self published a zine last year which was a great push for me in getting out of my comfort zone. I still have copies available and if you would like to purchase a copy please contact me. It will be a great help to fund my next projects) – Although I’ve completed this, I am yet to sell all the copies. I printed 150 copies but managed to sell probably about 5. If any of you would like to help me and purchase a copy, it would be really helpful.
  16. Read MORE photography books and find the rare ones that I’ve saved on my phone over the years. – Acquired quite a few more books and I have gone through them. Had a chance to see David duChemin do a talk last month in London and purchased his book. Definitely looking forward to reading it.
  17. Become more fearless in my work and photographic experimentation. Would love to say that I’ve accomplished this but I am completely lost and aimlessly wondering around try to find what will be next for me to do. I would like to start a new series this year, but I am yet to define the parameters but I do have a title.
  18. Create / organise a system for inspiration, ideas, goals, notes and thoughts – This has been a huge help especially since I have the memory of a fish. However, it is not as thorough and and detailed as I would like to be but I need to include a timetable.
  19. Work on stronger portraits – Managed to capture one strong portrait last year so I definitely need more practise.
  20. Learn to write and express myself better. Lean to describe and talk about my work more effectively – Still not any better at this. However, the way I started working on these is by writing down each idea and thoughts I have about all of my series in order to put it into something cohesive once the series is completed.
  21. Focus my writing to comment on the day to day of life – Work in progress
  22. Extend my photographs greater into the universal human experience – I should have elaborated on what I meant by this. I would like to incorporate a human element into my work in order to help me better express what I am feeling.
  23. Travel more and slowly. Try to remember that it is not just to capture moments but it is also enjoy and savour those moments. – One thing that I use to do when I go anywhere is to see as much as possible so instead of thinking that I will be missing out, I take my time and see what I can and just experience it instead of just rushing through.
  24. Further illustrate emotional life experiences into pictorial photographs – Work in progress
  25. Visit and explore the countries of my list (Spend 3 months exploring Tuscany, visit the National  Parks in the States) – Not as yet
  26. Last on my list is to put myself out more especially through my work and find an effective way to stop doubting myself. – Got better but not quite there yet.

What are your goals for this year?

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  1. Wish I could fulfil even half of your list. Best of luck for them in 2019. 🙂

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