The importance of personal work in photography

When we first start our photography journey, we start just like everybody else. What fuels us during those humble beginning is the curiosity to learn and the passion to create.

What do we really like about photography? Whether it is the click of the shutter, the perfect light, the story or simply expressing ourselves, there’s is that special something that makes us pick up our camera over and over again.

It is that part of ourselves that we need to continually fuel and it is that part that is required for our personal work. The passion for photography that continually fuels each one of us can be used to create personally. It is that particular aspect that always fuels me to continue creating over and over again.

However, once the work comes in, we set aside our personal work for that of clients. Our own work ends up on the back burner and it no longer a priority. However, it is very important to find a good balance. Although we can have great work for clients as part of our portfolio, it is the personal work that says more about the individual.

Personal projects are way for photographers to get out of routine and do something new. I personally do not feel great if I haven’t picked up my camera for a long period of time and it can also be demotivating. Personal work is a wonderful way to keep me going. It also keeps me focused and in a meditative headspace.

Personal projects are also a wonderful to add diversity in our work. This reflects your creativity and your ability to be flexible. It is also another to keep viewers interested. This can be a catalyst for many opportunity and a wonderful way to find a new style.

So if you’re a creative person, and you haven’t created something just for you in a while, please stop and think about what it is you might want to create for yourself. There doesn’t have to be an end goal, you don’t even need to show it to anyone! But I bet you that whatever it is you create makes you feel something really good inside. And it’ll make you want to do it again and again and again.

The latest series that I’ve just finished. The Variations series.

Prints and Ebook available on my site:

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  1. Enjoyed your post and your images. Thanks for sharing.

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