Money isn’t everything……….

Some of you might know that my photography journey as a way to deal with stress during my undergraduate degree. Once I completed my undergraduate degree, I went on to do my Masters.

However, as I was graduating we were hit by a financial crisis in this country which then resulted in many pharmaceutical companies either cutting spending or closing their doors. The following years did not get any better. Every job application was met with a minimum of 6 months to a year work experience. Me being fresh out of university means no experience but I continued to apply anyway. I even applied for work experience only to be told that I lived too far even though I was more than willing to travel. I’ve even applied from a laboratory technician position only to be turned down.

Since then, I’ve had to do some retail jobs to make ends meet. Nothing glamorous and most of them do not pay remotely enough to survive in London even if you work fulltime.

All the work I post on this blog are all taken and edited before or after work or on the weekend. I put all this work in because I love photography. I love creating and most of all I love the feeling I get when I pick up my camera and when I finish an image. I feel excited to share. The feeling of accomplishment I get when I finish a complicated image id like no other. Would I like to do what I love on the daily basis? Ooooh YES!!! Would I love to make some money from it, of course I would and that would be a dream.

However, being told that I should get back to school to get a better job and to earn more money is just not understanding where I’m coming from. Yes, I spend a lot of time on it but that is my choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I work and I am one of those that will even go to work when I’m sick. But I don’t get the same feeling. It is something I have to do in order to pay the bills. I feel like there’s nothing worse than that. The feeling of being trapped and doing only things because you need the money. I’ve work in places where I dread going to and the thought of waking up just makes me depressed and sometimes plain angry and I still do. I would not wish that feeling on anyone. So the idea of spending another ten thousand pounds that I don not have on a degree with no guaranteed outcome does not appeal to me.

I personally do not think that the problem are the studies. The curriculum is not right for the job market that want ready made employees. No one including the NHS is willing to train anyone for these kind of posts. Their priorities are on nurses and doctors and a Microbiologist isn’t just a priority to them.

So the thought of getting loads of money is great but at what cost? My sanity and health are very important to me so until the time I become a millionaire I’m muddling through the best way I know how.

Photography is my passion and I will continue on this path until I’m no longer able to hold a camera or walk. I will create through each image the world I want to see. I hope through my work I can find my purpose and hopefully make some changes on this earth that I am on temporarily.

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  1. I can see the passion in your images & may it long continue !

    Unfortunately the UK lost the plot ages ago when it came to investing in people & education (the type that meets the needs of the community & not just the bottom line) research for the future & the desire to give someone a chance that could benefit both company & person.
    Sorry; it makes me so angry when someone like yourself puts in the effort but gets stuck in the never ending spiral of ‘you need experience for the job but cannot get it without the job’ catch 22 – grrrrr…

    Rant over, promise 🙂

    1. pammyv02 says:

      I know the feeling… I look at it this way. It’s the path I chose but not the path that I’m meant to take. Hopefully, I will figure it out soon

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