For the love of photography books

My first memory of books where of the Disney collections when I was about 4 years old. I had the entire collection including the audio cassettes of each story. My grand-mother use to read them to me at bedtime. I remember pestering her to teach me to read on my own and being a teacher she did not say no. I think that’s where my love of books started.

Now days I read a lot of different books by different authors thrillers, murder mysteries and also many photography books.

It is evident that I love photography. I love the freedom it gives me to create, to be inspired. Although I haven’t come anywhere close to owning every photography book or testing every camera I can share with you a few books that I would love to add to my collection.

At Work by Annie Leibovitz: A behind the scenes account by one of the most famous photographers of our time on her career, photoshoots and how some of her most famous images came to light.

Peter Lindbergh: A Different Vision on Fashion Photography: One of my favourite photographers, this book is a beautiful collection of four decades of some of the most iconic fashion photographs in history in his signature black and white.

Tim Walker: Story Teller: For those who see the world as a magical place… this is the picture book to end all. For those young creatives with imagination just starting out, Tim Walker Pictures, offers a glimpse into the artistic process.

Herb Ritts: L.A. Style: Some of the most beautiful black and white photographs of fashion, nudes and celebrities the world has ever seen by L.A. photographer Herb Ritts famous for his striking simplicity and powerful natural light imagery.

Passage: A Work Record by Irving Penn: One of my all time favourite photography books, this covers all aspects of Irving Penn’s work from fashion to portraits.

Hold Still by Sally Mann: An intimate dive into the personal history and life of the photographer herself. In this book, we see  into her esteemed body of work. It is a very interesting memoir.

Edward Weston: 125 Photographs: Containing some of the most striking nudes and still lives in the history of photography, this book is a timeless tribute to the quiet vision of a master photographer.

Imogen Cunningham 1883 – 1976: One of the most prominent women in the history of photography and a pioneer of photography in her own right, this book is a beautiful collection of her most striking photographs from portraiture, nude to flowers. This is a great personal study for me

On Photography by Susan Sontag: A marriage of ideals between the history of photography and what was happening culturally in America in the 1970s that still hits poignant moments relevant to today’s digital society.

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