Monday’s Photography Inspiration – David Fokos

David Fokos is a full-time photographic artist born in Baltimore living in San Diego, California and currently lives in San Diego, CA.

Using an 85-year old 8×10 view camera, the artist has been photographing landscape for over 30 years. Often working 100 hours or more to craft a single image, his elegant black and white images have been considered as masterpieces of minimalism.

Of his work, Fokos says: “The images I make today are the result of decades of exploration and discovery in my quest to understand how we experience the world around us. My goal is to express the essence of my experience – evoking within the viewer the same emotions I felt when making the images. With my work, I’m not trying to show the viewer what these places look like, but rather what they feel like.”

Hope you find his work as inspiring as I do. More of his works can be found on his website.


david-fokos-beach-path david-fokos-black-gate david-fokos-east-chop-poles david-fokos-east-meets-west david-fokos-foggy-night david-fokos-four-poles david-fokos-fresh-snow david-fokos-incoming-ferry david-fokos-jetty david-fokos-passage-to-the-sea david-fokos-solar-eclipse-I


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