Monday’s Photography Inspiration – Alexey Titarenko

Alexey Titarenko is a Russian photographer and artist who has devoted his life’s work to depicting the atmosphere and inhabitants of his city.

He draws his inspiration from the music and literature he loved since childhood and his long walks through the city.

The past decade, Titarenko has turned his lens on New York. In his work, he brings his longstanding concerns with time and history to bear on a relatively young city known for its relentless headlong pace.

Titarenko has developed a unique metaphorical style to his photography. By translating time into a purely photographic language, he exposes the frailty of human existence and reveal those precious moments in life that move our soul.

His popular series called “City of Shadows”, can be seen below.

alexey_titarenko03 alexey_titarenko04 alexey_titarenko05 alexey_titarenko06 alexey_titarenko07 alexey_titarenko08 alexey_titarenko09 alexey_titarenko10 alexey_titarenko11 alexey_titarenko12 alexey_titarenko13 alexey_titarenko14 alexey_titarenko16 alexey_titarenko17 alexey_titarenko18 alexey_titarenko19 alexey_titarenko20 alexey_titarenko21 alexey_titarenko22 alexey_titarenko23

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