What is photography to you?

As much as I like what I do, it is very hard not to get stuck in the rut and producing the same things over and over again. How do you get out of that?

That is a tricky question and I am still looking for the right answer. I am learning everyday and I am growing daily. The images I published last year are very different to what I am producing right now. They are some that I like, they are some unpublished images that remain so because I believe I can do better.

What I know is that photography is a learning process where nobody has all the answers. This is a good thing for me as it is the questions I have that push me on a daily basis. There is nothing worse for me than to box myself in and limit my creativity.

Our outlook to the world differs and nothing is ever black/white and most importantly our experiences. Not only does our experience help shape who we are but it also heavily influences our work. This makes the differences in all our work. Wouldn’t it be just boring if all our work just looked the same?

Photography is my creativity outlet and a part of me that I am most passionate about.

What does your does your photography mean to you?


This image coincidently suits this posts as I call it “Reflections”.

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