Kensington Temple

Kensington Temple
Kensington Temple

Hi everybody,

Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. Here in London, just on saturday we had 3 weathers. Rain, sun and 30mph wind… Went out shooting which may not have been the best idea. Had to use my body to block the wind from blowing the camera away. Ended up like an icicle but managed to warm myself up after with Green Tea and Pancakes. Well deserved I would say. Can’t complain about Sunday though, the first beautiful sunny day in a while.

As for the image I am sharing today is an old one I took in September after visiting Portobello Market.  Wanted to get some 35mm cameras but didn’t find anything reasonably priced or even in a good condition. But ended up coming home with some great images. Wonderful trade off I say.

For editing, I used Adobe Ligthroom and then finished up in Photoshop CS6.

Great start to the week everybody!!!

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