At the station


Hey everyone, looking forward to the weekend? It’s a long one here in London and we are not complaining.

At the train station

After a week of being in the office, I like to practice over the weekend starting from Friday. But Friday usually, I like to do night. Last weekend, I went chasing for the sunset. I’ve found that the sunset by the River Thames is stunning.
However, on my way back I spotted this. So I crossed the road for a better shot and had to climb on one of those cement flower pots in front of the bank.

Processing was carried out in Lightroom, same as before. Adjustment of the of the Whites and Blacks followed by desaturation. Then some dodging and burning to even out the image then I was done.

The Notting Hill carnival is also happening over the long weekend, which means that you should expect loads of images from the event.

Great Weekend Everybody!!

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  1. This is very good (pity you missed the top of the arch but hay-ho) it’s still a good image.


    1. pammyv02 says:

      Thank you David. I had the same reaction. May go back again and may get a different angle who knows?

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