10 quotes inspirational to start the week

10 quotes inspirational to start the week

To some degree, I've always found some comfort in inspirational quotes.  Not necessarily by artists, photographers or famous personalities but simple sentences found in books, articles etc.... It is surprising the amount of these quotes I have written in notebooks, pieces of papers or on my phone. Here are a few favourites: "People think dreams [...]

A view like no other

"The joy of life come from our encounters with new experiences" - Unknown Good morning everybody!!! Monday is hard on all of us. What better way to brighten up the day with such a beautiful view. This is a view not to be missed. Stunning day, stunning view from Central London Happy Monday everybody!!! Paméla [...]

London Bridge

Hope everyone been having a wonderful week so far. Couldn't resist this image while I was out during the weekend and wanted to share it yesterday but I wasn't really satisfied with the editing so re worked it and came out with the above. I am a little more satisfied but I still that something still [...]

Blue Sunset

Hi everyone, Hope everyone's week a while ago but some reason it got lost in the batch. With the ever the increasing images in my collection, it's easy for some to get lost. About the image: I shot this image using a polariser. Very important filter if you want definition in the clouds. However, the colours [...]