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Talent vs Dedication

At the beginning of the week I was having a conversation with a friend I’ve wondered more than once. Someone with no art education just like me started a conversation about skill versus talent. It leads to the same question whether art is a skill or a talent? As an adult, I used to use […]

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Monday’s Photography Inspiration – Paul Martin

“Pictorialism never really had the same interest for me as the real snapshot – that is, people and things as the man on the street sees them.” – Paul Martin   Paul Augustus Martin was born in Herbeuville, France in 1864 in Alsace-Lorraine, but in the wake of the Franco-Prussian war and experiencing dire poverty during the Paris Commune fled […]

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Monday’s Photography Inspiration – Brett Weston

One of the things I enjoy is learning from the Masters which is why I started these inspiration posts. Not only do they help us keep a perspective on our work but I learn personally learn a lot from. Through these posts, I have come across many photographers bot well known and unknown. One of […]

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