Art and Soul

Art and Soul

You may have noticed that there's been a while since I have not posted anything other than the Monday's Inspiration posts. There's a reason why. The last few months of last year and this year have been really hard on me. I have lost my grand-mother and it's been very tough on me. I was [...]

The BMW Welt

The more I get restless, the more I day dream, the more I dream of discovering new places, meeting new faces. The more I yearn  for the next step in this adventure we call life. The more I get restless, the more I realise that time is passing me by. While I am dreaming and [...]

Safe Choices

There is so many quotes and so many encouragements one can get. But the only way to truly to change things round is by braking old habits. Only by breaking habits and by taking on new challenges that we truly know what we are capable of. I'm one filled with doubt but it is only [...]