A sense of nostalgia

A sense of nostalgia

 Nostalgia meaning is the  sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past. Lately, I've been missing home. I've realised that it is more than just missing where I come from but also getting to know where I am from. As photographers, we learn to tell stories of people around us but it [...]

While I was away…….

Sometimes we wake up and we know clearly what to do with our day. The others days just feel like a blur. Not for the lack of remembering what happen throughout the day but simply because of the confusion those days bring. I've had a few of of those days lately which made me realise [...]

Monday’s Photography Inspiration – Thomas Annan

Thomas Annan was a Scottish photographer known for being the first to record the poor housing conditions of the poor. Originally from Dairsie in Fife,  Annan moved to Glasgow as an apprentice engraver, and was friendly with a trainee Chemist called, Berwick. They set up business together in 1855 as photographers. Berwick then left to [...]