Safe Choices

There is so many quotes and so many encouragements one can get. But the only way to truly to change things round is by braking old habits. Only by breaking habits and by taking on new challenges that we truly know what we are capable of. I'm one filled with doubt but it is only [...]


I've always heard it say that hard work always pays off. Never has it been true in the case of the below image. I restarted the edit on this image 3 times because I was not happy with the progress and it took about couple months to complete. It is the first time that I've [...]

Dark Hope

Dark Hope

It is really strange how we get attached to our work. I have finished this images for a while but have been pretty attached to them. This is a series of work called Dark Hope. This is my first series of work that it is about Hope. Contrary to the title, the collection is about finding [...]

Monday Photography Inspiration – Julius Schulman

Julius Shulman was born in Brooklyn in 1910, and his interest in photography started after taking on the subject in high school. He later attended the Univertsin of Berkeley where he earned pocket money by selling his photographs to fellow students. In 1936 he returned to Los Angeles and was enlisted by a friend to take photographs [...]