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Unexpected Lessons

They are many reasons why I would never claim to be a patient person. I find myself losing interest mid-conversations and very often when watching movies. This particular personality flaw has not been aided in any shape or form in this digital age. I get frustrated when my computer slows down or when my phone […]

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Behind The Image, Photography

Minimalism and Me

There is something about minimalist images that always bring us a sense of peace and calm. Early on in my photography, not only did I not know what minimalism was, neither did I think that it would feature heavily in my work now. My entire life has been spent living in a city. Although I […]

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Seeing simplicity in photography 

Trying to create simple photographs are more complicated than I’d had expected. When looking at landscapes, we are filled with an array of emotions that trigger various senses. We smell the air, feel the cold, heat the wind blowing but most of all; our eyes almost see everything sprawled in front of us and we […]

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