Imitation vs Flattery

Imitation vs Flattery

They say that Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This is a quote that I have been questioning in the last few days. Although we are encouraged to be surrounded by a lot of different style of photographs to train our eye, the question I have is, does it really help in the creation [...]

Photography and mortality

I've recently started to read a photographer named Eric Kim's blog and I came across one of his articles on why we photograph? Eric mentioned that "Photography is a meditation on mortality. Whoever we photograph will eventually die. And we will eventually die. We seek immortality through making photos." This got me thinking on whether it [...]

Who I am

I am the sum of my dreams I am the sum of my hopes I am the sum of my fears I am the sum of my insecurities I am the sum of my emotions I am where I come from I am where I've lived I am what I've seen I am the sum [...]