Monday’s Photography Inspiration – Frederick H. Evans

Frederick H. Evans was a British photographer known for his platinum prints of architectural interiors of English and French cathedrals. Little is known of Evan's early life. He initially owned a small bookshop in London where many artists and writers, including George Bernard Shaw and Audrey Beardsley came together. Frederick Evans took some portraits of his [...]

Monday’s Photography Inspiration – Auguste Sander

Since the mid- nineteenth century, photography has played an increasingly vital role in the recording and interpretation of history. One of the most amitious documentary projects ever undertaken was conceived by the German photographer, August Sander. He took up photography as a teenager, while working at a local mine. He spent his military service from [...]

Monday’s Photography Inspiration – Margaret Bourke-White

Monday’s Photography Inspiration – Margaret Bourke-White

Margaret Bourke - White was an American documentary photographer. She studied under Clarence White, whose school was unique in the United States in being the only one devoted to teaching art photography and the principles of modernism. She began working as an industrial photographer, producing a significant body of work for Otis Steel Company in [...]