Variations series – Simplicity vs Intricacies

Variations series – Simplicity vs Intricacies

The full Variations series is finally completed. This series is something that started totally accidentally. From time to time, I set myself assignments is order to hone my composition skills. My aim for this exercise was to create variations from the same subject. Halfway through the exercise, I realised that this is very similar to [...]

Safe Choices

There is so many quotes and so many encouragements one can get. But the only way to truly to change things round is by braking old habits. Only by breaking habits and by taking on new challenges that we truly know what we are capable of. I'm one filled with doubt but it is only [...]

Who I am

I am the sum of my dreams I am the sum of my hopes I am the sum of my fears I am the sum of my insecurities I am the sum of my emotions I am where I come from I am where I've lived I am what I've seen I am the sum [...]