The iPad Mini

Does anyone else feels as ripped off as I do???? Everyone knows that I am a fan of Apple but I am slightly pissed with them at the moment. I just saw the Video and Keynotes and I am not happy. Why is the question? I've had the iPad2 for over a year now and every knows [...]

Disappearing Act

Sorry for the disappearing act.........I took a few weeks off to catch my breath to start the new year. Don't blame me!!!!!!! I really really needed it...... Went to washington DC to say before anyone ask for pictures I didn't have time to take a lot. I was way too busy shopping. Most of them [...]

Depth of field in photography!!!! What is it and how to use it creatively

.Have you seen a portrait picture and the main subject is perfectly in focus while the background is blurry? That's depth of field at work. Today I will use the KISS principle to explain the depth of field. This was taught to me by the great professor that helped a lot at university. Keep It [...]