Blue Sunset

Hi everyone, Hope everyone's week a while ago but some reason it got lost in the batch. With the ever the increasing images in my collection, it's easy for some to get lost. About the image: I shot this image using a polariser. Very important filter if you want definition in the clouds. However, the colours [...]

London Lights

  I like to fondly refer to this image as "The city of Lights" not sure why. I took this image on the same day that I took the image here. I took me while to capture this as it was in the afternoon and it hadn't got dark yet. I just hung around waiting [...]

Men at Work

If I don't keep up with sifting and editing stage of my work, it easy for me to get distracted and forget about my previous work. I hate sitting in one place too long and especially doing the same thing, which makes editing even harder for me. The image I am sharing today falls into [...]

Outside The Station – A black and White image near the Docklands London

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Am just sharing the fruit of my Dockland adventure. This image was taken with the Nikon D7000 with the kit lens. Only new thing is that I finally bought a polariser filter. Not exactly a massive expense but it's been something that I should have. I must admit it [...]

CameraBag 2…

Hi Guys, I guess that's welcome back to me. Yes i did it again and completely broke my New Year resolution. To cut the story short i had a few crappy weeks and i guess it can only get better. Today i want to talk about Camerabag2. The  latest editing App out there. What is [...]