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Has film imitation gone too far?

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you will notice that for the past couple years, I’ve been into film and trying to perfect my practice. Last night while editing, while I was using one of my favourite plugins Nik Effex, I realised that it includes Analog Effex Pro. As the name suggest, […]

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Film rolls – British museum London

Since I decided to improve my film images too I’ve decided to share with you images from my third roll of 35mm. At the moment, I’m using HP5, simply because it is what was recommended to me. But I have also purchased the Kodak Tri X which is quite pricey but then again it might […]

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New black and white films to get excited about

I’ve promised myself that this year I would improve my film skills whether it is shooting or developing. I’ve been shooting more film but I’m yet to develop any of my own films. The exciting part of shooting film is trying out various films to see which ones suit me best. To start with I […]

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