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Minimal Gear For My architectural Photography

After purchasing my first DSLR, I distinctively remember being very excited and my choice. Since my aim was to learn, I purchased every magazine out there that had a “How To……………” on the cover. Inside every one of these magazines, I found a new camera or new lens review, a camera comparison and with all […]

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For the love of 35mm

Lately, I’ve loving using my 35mm camera. On a recent holiday, I was surprised to use it a lot more than my digital camera. I love working at the slower pace and also not knowing what I’ve captured. I am currently working towards developing my own rolls too. Chemicals and tanks have all been delivered, […]

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What is a photograph??

” In the end, maybe the correct language would be how the fact of putting four edges around a collection of information or facts and transforms it. A photograph is not a what was photographed, it is something else” – Gary Winogrand I haven’t shared any of my own work in a while. Here’s one […]

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Monday’s Photography Inspiration – Minor White

If you heard of the Zone System , then you are likely to know Minor White this week’s photographer. Minor White, was an American photographer and editor whose efforts to extend photography’s range of expression greatly influenced creative photography in the mid-20th century. White took up photography while very young but set it aside for a […]

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