Monday Photography Inspiration – Andreas Feininger

Monday Photography Inspiration – Andreas Feininger

Andreas Feininger was was an American photographer known for his black and white photography of New York from the 40s and 50s. He studied cabinetmaking and architecture at the Bauhaus and established a Swedish firm specialising in architectural and industrial photography. He was a staff photographer for Life Magazine for two decades from 1943 to [...]

On the docks

I have promised myself that this year I'll try to post more regularly. Even gave myself a target of 3 posts per week. Let's just say that I've fallen off the trail big time. However, the absence is justifiable. My other New Year's resolution was to try new thing, new techniques etc... I am happy [...]

A change of pace

Hope the week been going well for everyone!!For the Christmas and New Years holidays, I usually go on holiday with my family. Two glorious weeks of rest away from the wet, dreary and traffic jams of London.As you can tell from the image above, we were in Washington. While there, we took the opportunity to [...]

Forgotten sunset

Good morning everybody, Today it's pretty grey in London do I thought an image of a sunset might cheer everyone up. But if it's sunny where you are then know that I very jealous. I took this image in July if I remember right but it took me a little longer to edit. For Black [...]

Sunset in London

As a photographer, feedback from my peers is very important to me. I helps me develop my skills and grow as a person. For this reason, I participate in a lot photography sites such Blipfoto. It's a medium for amateurs and professional photographers that allows interaction via your work. A while back one of the [...]

London Lights

  I like to fondly refer to this image as "The city of Lights" not sure why. I took this image on the same day that I took the image here. I took me while to capture this as it was in the afternoon and it hadn't got dark yet. I just hung around waiting [...]