The Unexpected

The Unexpected

If you’ve been in photography for a while, you will know by now that not all images are planned. I pride myself on planning and visualising my images before creating them. However, I’ve recently noticed that my personal favourites are the ones that are unplanned. There’s something about the unexpected part of this image that [...]

City of London

After concentrating on improving my architecture images and building quite a collection, it was easy to miss everything else around me. What I love about London is the mixture of the old and the new. A place where contemporary and nostalgic come together beautifully. For such a big city, each area has its uniqueness that [...]

A view like no other

"The joy of life come from our encounters with new experiences" - Unknown Good morning everybody!!! Monday is hard on all of us. What better way to brighten up the day with such a beautiful view. This is a view not to be missed. Stunning day, stunning view from Central London Happy Monday everybody!!! Paméla [...]