The process of creating

The process of creating is a process of knowledge and creativity that requires open and flexible mind. Creating for me, means going out taking images and then create the image later with the help of photoshop. In this instance, the capture of the image is simply the first step. The second step in my process […]

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Behind The Image, Photography

Getting out of my comfort zone

As an individual with a very short attention span, I try new things often in photography. I have never shared them until now. The reason why I try new is because I hate feeling complexent with my work. So when I start to feel stagnant or whenever I feel like I am going around in […]

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About Gears, Photography

Minimal Gear For My architectural Photography

After purchasing my first DSLR, I distinctively remember being very excited and my choice. Since my aim was to learn, I purchased every magazine out there that had a “How To……………” on the cover. Inside every one of these magazines, I found a new camera or new lens review, a camera comparison and with all […]

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