Monday’s Photography Inspiration – Marcel Gautherot

Monday’s Photography Inspiration – Marcel Gautherot

Marcel Gautherot was a French-Brazilian photographer. He was best known for his documentation in some three-thousand images of the construction of the Brazilian capital city Brasilia from 1958 to 1960. He initially studied architecture but then dedicated himself to photography. He came to Brazil in 1940, his interest in the country awakened by reading the [...]

Leadenhall Building

Hope everyone's week is going well so far. Continuing on the buildings around Lime Street, I am now introducing you to Leadenhall Building. Leadenhall Building or The Cheesegrater as this building is also known, is a 225metres tall skyscraper opposite the Lloyds Building. Due for completion this year and designed by Richard Rogers, this building possesses [...]

Lloyds Building

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. From my experience we all have different outlook on the world that surrounds us. This along with our life experiences has a huge impact on our creativity. The personal challenge I set myself is to have a different view point on each of my subject. The Lloyds Building is [...]

A different perspective

"We learn by doing, there's no other way" - Unknown As long as I remember I've been shooting landscapes and architecture. It had occurred to me that most of the images of the Lloyds Building is mainly of its structure. I also have taken images like that. Since it is not shown in it environment, [...]

Postcard from London

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning"         - Albert Einstein The quote above completely describes how I feel about my work. For me it is important to explore many avenues in photography. Once my work starts to get monotone or I [...]

Keeping Inspired

With everything you love to do it is important to keep inspired. Lately, I've been attracted to shape, geometry and symmetry in modern architecture. Through my research I came across Balthazar Korab. Balthazar Korab was a Hungarian architectural and landscape photographer. He originally trained as an Architect but became a photographer after being to photograph the [...]