The waste of it all

The waste of it all

One of my biggest fears is the fear of wasting time. This fear is so ingrained in me that I find myself feeling guilty for not even working sometimes. I grew up with having my days planned out including after school activities so I guess I was trained in advance. My days are currently set [...]

While I was away…….

Sometimes we wake up and we know clearly what to do with our day. The others days just feel like a blur. Not for the lack of remembering what happen throughout the day but simply because of the confusion those days bring. I've had a few of of those days lately which made me realise [...]

Photography and mortality

I've recently started to read a photographer named Eric Kim's blog and I came across one of his articles on why we photograph? Eric mentioned that "Photography is a meditation on mortality. Whoever we photograph will eventually die. And we will eventually die. We seek immortality through making photos." This got me thinking on whether it [...]