Fujifilm FinePic X100

Just to share with you guys my latest obsession. The Fujifilm FinePix X100 camera If you an amateur photographer or you are just starting out, this camera is not for you. You are better of buying an SLR before getting this camera. The classic 12-million-pixel X100 camere is equipped with a dual optical/electronic or a hybrid [...]

Disappearing Act

Sorry for the disappearing act.........I took a few weeks off to catch my breath to start the new year. Don't blame me!!!!!!! I really really needed it...... Went to washington DC to say before anyone ask for pictures I didn't have time to take a lot. I was way too busy shopping. Most of them [...]

Depth of field in photography!!!! What is it and how to use it creatively

.Have you seen a portrait picture and the main subject is perfectly in focus while the background is blurry? That's depth of field at work. Today I will use the KISS principle to explain the depth of field. This was taught to me by the great professor that helped a lot at university. Keep It [...]