The voices within

We all hear voices and whether they are our own is entirely a different thing. We are surrounded by them. They can be our own, others even friends or family.

Things get complicated when we are surrounded by too many external voices and forget to listen to our own.

It is well known that artists are notoriously bad at curating their own work, I joined a well known site to help me narrow them down to the best and strongest ones. However, the more I uploaded, the more the images got rejected.

As would anyone of us would do, I asked for feedback and the consistent comment that I received was that my images were too dark.

The comment made me laugh and my reaction surprised me. I am well aware that my images are on the dark side and this has always been an artistic choice. If my aim was to create a perfectly well balanced tonal image then I would. Although these types of images are visually pleasing, it has never been my aim for my personal work.

For the moment, appeals to me are dark moody images and I will keep creating them until I evolve and my work changes.

Opinions are great things, they can be encouraging as well as discouraging. It is more important to listen to our own voices and be careful of the ones that we let in…

Until further notice, here’s another dark images

© Pamela Aminou

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