Expectation is such a big thing when we head out to capture image. The pressure get even worse when we have a particular outcome in mind and time is of the essence. The question that I have for you today is whether our expectations are realistic.

Personally, I only have the luxury of heading out only on certain weekends. This means planning around everything else that I have to do. So I am lucky if I can devote one weekend a month lately. With such a limited amount of time, it is really easy to get distracted by how many images I capture. It gets even worse when I have a particular certain image in mind.

Prior to my earlier trip to Thailand, I packed all my favourite gears and expected to come home with some incredible seascapes. Since it was the beginning of the raining season, I expected to capture some dramatic skies to contrast the smooth waters. However, the weather had other ideas. There were no dramatic skies in sight, just sporadic rain day in and day out. After going through all the images that I’d captured, I did not like any of them and it is unlikely that I will be editing any.

After years of creating, I’ve come to the conclusion that no successful image at the end of a day out is not necessarily a waste. Our first reaction to such days is always that of failure. However with every failure, there’s a lesson to be learned.

In this instance, it is to always manage our expectations and keep an open mind when capturing images. Perhaps we should stop concentrating on how many images we capture and take the time to savour the moment….

The wait © Pamela Aminou

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