Expression, Perspectives and Timing

As individuals, we are all different. I am an introvert and an over thinker. I can force myself into into social situations. However, I am not one for small talks as I find small talks draining. Somehow I have found myself in the creative world and creating a blog and permanently putting my thoughts out there.

Time and time again, I have wondered whether sharing my way of seeing and thinking is pointless. With millions of images created on a daily basis and numerous blogs created daily, it does not guarantee that anything I create or write will be seen by anyone. On a brighter side, it means that I get the opportunity to create what I want and having limited views also takes the pressure off.

I have come to learn that everything takes the time that it needs and eventually falls into place. It takes us a long time to know who we are and it takes even longer time for us to be comfortable with ourselves.

It also takes time to learn the patience that it takes to create. Patience sometimes means waiting for the weather is favourable or waiting until vision forms to be able to create. In the case of the image that I am sharing today, it meant waiting till the weather to corporates.

Wish Upon A Star © Pamela Aminou

It is a common assumption that it is always cloudy in London. However, when you need to be cloudy, it is sunny for days. On any given day, the weather can vary from sunny, cloudy and rainy. Ideally, I needed enough cloud coverage and enough wind for the long exposure to work especially since the building’s exterior is glass and any reflection cause glare which hide details and a nightmare in edit.

I prefer a clear canvas to start my edits hence getting all technical side of image done in camera. This leaves free to play latter on.

One lesson that I’ve learned is that we all have a voice and something to express. It is simply about finding the medium that gives the freedom to open up. I’ve found photography and this blog, what’s yours?

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  1. James R Regan says:

    Very nicely stated. Much of what you write in the post resonated with me. I too am an introvert, and while I have always had a love for photography, I kept it at arm’s length for most of my life. Then came an epiphany of sorts where I had a conversation with my creative self and decided that photography was the best way to free myself of the creative barriers I had placed in front of me over the years. So, here I am. Committed to spending the rest of my life making photographs in a way that highly personal. Love the black and white architectural images.

    Best wishes,


    1. pammyv02 says:

      Thank you so much James for the wonderful message

  2. Florin says:

    You are seen. And what you do is interesting and unique.

  3. Very inspirational! Thank you! 🖖🏻

    1. pammyv02 says:

      Glad that you think so. Thank you

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