Finding Inspiration

Inspiration is such a tricky thing and not so tangible. We are either inspired or struggling to find inspiration. Lately I’ve been struggling with finding anything throughout this year. My normal usual sources of inspiration had always been museum, art, exhibitions, reading etc.. Unfortunately, nothing has worked. In such cases, I’ve found that the best thing to do was to take a break. I was quite surprised when I have found myself drawn to sculptures.

Sculpture is an art that grows and changes and is continually extending the range of its activities. They tell their own stories as well as embellish their environment. Art should be experienced regularly and sculptures make this experience accessible to all of us.

© Pamela Aminou

I cam e across this particular piece while to scouting to images to add to my abstract series but this piece drew my eyes instead.

This 45 metres piece is called ‘The Peninsula Spire”. A 34 tonne sculpture designed by both Barr Gazetas architects and co-designed by structural engineer Witby Bird. The twist and tapering in the design is intriguing and unmissable. This was further emphasised in post buy darkening the sky and some strategical introduction of light and shadows in specific areas.


I am a photographer currently living in London. Most of my work is in black and white because which I've found to be the best outlet to express myself. With patience a rather unique way of seeing the beauty around me, I enjoy creating a world that is unique to me.

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