Perfection in Photography

I use to believe that the most captivating images had to the perfect ones. They are perfect because they tick all the right boxes – composition, light, storytelling etc…

After pouring over numerous images by masters in field for the purpose of learning, I have realised that most of my favourites images are the ones that do not tick all the ‘right’ boxes and a few break all the rules.

I have come to realise that perfection doesn’t exist in life and in photography it is simply unattainable. For me, chasing perfection was rooted in insecurities. It is thinking that my inexperience may show through the images that I create. It is waiting until my images are ‘perfect’ before sharing it with the world. It is also editing and re-editing images over and over again. It’s picking apart all past images to see what I could have done better.

Seeking perfection is unattainable and does the opposite to creativity. not only does this desire brings with it anxiety, it also stifles personal growth.

Ironically, it is the imperfections that draw the most of us to creating. Making art is always a push and pull of what’s in our heads and what we actually create. What we expect to make is often what we actually make. It would make sense that achieving perfection should be our way to grow. In reality making mistakes is actually the way we grow. The imperfections allow us to grow. It shows our fallibility and what makes us human. We humans aren’t perfect so why chose to chase perfection.

How about we all strive for artistic excellence instead….

©Pamela Aminou

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  1. paula graham says:

    I am with you all the way. Photography with the hart and feelings does it for me

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