In this creative game, it is important that we keep going whether your outlet is photography, painting, writing etc…

Before diving into creating abstract,I had refuted the idea simply because it would not be expected of me. Being an introvert/people pleaser means that I often do thing that often made me deeply unhappy. Pleasing others simply was my comfort zone. The essential thing that I had forgotten was who I was creating for.

Even though I had said time and time again that I do not create for others but I had also forgotten this myself. It is easy to be hard on ourselves, changing a lifetime of bad habits does not change over night. Only with practice and patience with ourselves that we can get there

Creating is truly what is the most important aim even though we are often tempted to do what others are doing or simply what sells. The truth is that our audience often resonate with our authentic self.

Today’s image is an abstract captured last year in Paris during a wet and very windy day. Luckily, I chose not to carry my tripod and chose to go out with an open mind and no expectations. Even though I did not come home with loads of images, I was rewarded with a few images to add to my abstract series.

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