Travel and Inspiration

I’ve been quite stagnant lately both creatively, mentally and emotionally. For the past decade or so, photography has been my outlet and also a way for me to figure things out.

However, it hasn’t been effective for a while so I have been contemplating travelling more and more. It got me thinking as why this was my first thought. It is a common practise to take a break from whatever we are working on when we get stuck. The common assumption is that creating distance allows for a mental break from whatever we are working on. So it stands to reason that getting away might be the answer.

Research suggests that travel increases our creativity level and increases our mind’s ability to produce positive thoughts, leading a more inspired version of ourselves.

Travel allows us to physically get away from our problems and see things from a different perspective, plus it gives us a look forward to and that is always a good thing.


The image that I am sharing today is fitting because this particular trip has opened my eyes to learning to see and capturing abstract. This trip has added a new skill to the few that I already have. This new way of creating has allowed me to stretch my mental comfort zone and has allowed me to see and interact with my surroundings differently.

Creativity broadens experiences and new ideas. It broadens our mind, vision resulting in us seeing the world around us differently to others. Research has also shown that individuals who have lived abroad in their lifetime tend to be more creative and the more countries in which an individual has lived, the higher the degree of creativity. Travel exposes us to new people, places, cultures, religions languages and customs. This exposure broadens one’s perspective which correlates to an increased state of positivity, the ideal brain state for creative thinking to occur. Essentially, we are relaxed and happy, new ideas flow more easily.

It is also said that highly creative, well- travelled people are more open and accepting personalities. We all know that we need more of such individuals can only be a good thing in the world.

Planning any trips? Where? Please share below….

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  1. paula graham says:

    Stunning photo, impressive and beautifully processed.

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