Everything needs to be celebrated – Good and Bad


Some of us are of the nervous type. We worry about everything even the things that are yet to concur. Unfortunately, I fall under that category of Individual. I am am so anxious. some days that every day things can sometimes become a chore. I vividly recall crying myself to sleep before exams because I was afraid to fail. I cannot pinpoint when my anxiety started but I remember that it has always been a constant companion.

The more I worry, the less I noticed the good things that happen in my life. As they get overshadowed, I often come to the conclusion that they were not big enough to celebrate.

The older I get, I have realised these moments are missed. Moments that are unappreciated.

Although I am by no mean ungrateful, I have realised that I am too hard on myself so I have decided to celebrate everything little things that happen.

In the spirit of celebration, I have decided to share this Fine Art Photography Award nominated series.

Simplicity series © Pamela Aminou

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