The camera at my disposal

If you’ve read my last post, you are up to date on what’s been happening – creatively speaking. Instead of stressing about my current situation and beat myself up, I’ve been taking it easy instead. This attitude is completely new to me as I am one those individuals that like being productive. This probably stems from my obsessive personality. As most creatives know, we usually our harshest critic, so not being hard on myself about this is completely new to me.

Taking easy means making more of my phone when I see what’s interesting when I am out and about. This means that I can capture what I want, when I want and how often I want want. Here are a couple of images captured and edited last week.

Although this has yet to become a constant thing, my phone is more portable and also has the ability to let me be as creative as I would like. I like to keep things simple and following lines. This allows me to be less obsessive and enjoy process.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!!

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