Are we born creatives?

A question that I’ve found myself asking lately!

Photography begun for me as a fluke but many years later I found out that my grandfather was an avid enthusiast and my great uncle was professional that run a successful studio.

I don’t remember much of my childhood but I do remember a lot time spent with my grandmother learning to draw and paint. Although I’ve forgotten quite a lot, they are still remember Saturday mornings spent doing calligraphy after reading. Some remnants still show up in my handwriting.

From what I’ve learned and experienced with my own photography, I believe that there must be something in us that draws us to art same way I was drawn to photography. Same way that some individuals are able to pick up languages and some us have a hard time. Just as some are born to be actors and others practice and take lessons for many years and are still unable to act.

A question I get often is about the camera that I use. I still use my trusted Canon 5D MK III. It is a beautifully constructed equipment for someone like me. It is rugged and withstand lots of weather conditions, had its shutter replaced but it is still going. The common assumption is that I would have the latest equipment. As much as I love technology and all the amazing advancements to date, I’ve learned early on that a camera does not make an image, the photographer creates it. What keeps me in this world is that there’s always something to learn and I still have a lot to learn.

Fade © Pamela Aminou

It’s something that I am drawn to and comfortable doing it. So with passion and obsession I am becoming more fluent with my images. By not concentrating on gear, I am more in tune with my camera and all the other skills that I’ve learned that it almost seems easy.

With photography I’ve come to understand that they are 3 phases.

The first stage being discovery where the excitement takes over and we try our hand at everything.

Phase two is where we know enough technically to emulate others.

Phase 3 is where we combine the enthusiasm and skills to move on and create our own work. The last phase is the hardest and it is where I found myself putting down my camera for also two years. I felt stuck and lost. Although I knew that I wanted to create my own images, I did not know how or where to start.

More often, a lot of people get stuck in the third phase but creativity is key. Technicalities can learned at any point on your journey but creativity must nurtured and cultivated.

Creativity is about experimenting and trying new things. Creativity isn’t about limits but a moving target.

Creativity is about experimenting and trying new things. Creativity isn’t about limits but a moving target. Creativity is about having and open and flexible mind. Just like anything in life, there’s no quick solution. Expect some some high and lows, chuck it down to the process, learn and grow with each lesson.

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