The beauty in art and architecture

Art has been around for so long that it has become an integral part of our lives. Art is a universal expression of the soul. The ancient carvings in an Egyptian cave, the beautiful words of a poet and the abstract objects in a painting all define art as timeless, pure and perfect.

Art is a proven tool for stress reduction and well being. It also allows us to document and process events. It allows us to examine what it means to be human and to bring people and ideas together.

On the other scale, art can also be functional. One such art for is architecture. Architecture is a combination of a work of art and science. It stands so unique from the rest of all other artistic forms. A building stands tall and proud for the entire world to see long after the beauty of the most expensive painting has lost its appeal. Architecture also has a dynamic to play and sustain.

When it comes to architecture, art and science work in tandem. It is the aesthetic value of a piece of architecture that separates distinctly its function and purpose from the beauty and art in its form. It involves a calculative thinking of a mathematician and an expressive feeling of an artist.

With the stars © Pamela Aminou

Beauty in architecture competes with beauty in nature. while nature has always been the most beautiful and timeless piece of art ever created, architecture too has a responsibility to play as nature to man. Only the keenest eyes equipped with aesthetic knowledge can understand architecture’s details function and beauty.

Beautiful is what we perceive as pleasurable to our senses but to understand why it has delighted us takes a thorough observation and scrutiny of both our eyes and minds. The perfect variation of lines, angles and a precise proportion of each shape constitute a very attractive model of beauty. Our judgement for beauty deepens together with our intellect. Our feeling towards pieces of architecture vary over time depending on the type of piece.

St Basilica of St Peter int he Vatican became the seat of Catholicism in the world, Buckingham Palace symbolises royalty, Chrysler building exemplifies wealth and Taj Mahal, a man’s undying profession of love for his wife. Not only does architecture speaks of religion, government, wealth, it can also evoke feelings like the Great Wall of China was both for protection and defence from enemies in ancient Chinese times.

Architecture is more than an expression of our joys, anguish, rage, victories and problem. Tradition and culture lead the guidelines and principles in erecting and building. Through architecture, the community and its inhabitants can communicate to another generation their belief, rights and traditions. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Architecture too, could stand beside any standard art form and be both functional and beautiful at the same time.

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  1. paula graham says:

    A stunner, beautifully shot and processed.

    1. pammyv02 says:

      Thank you very much Paula

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