What’s your best camera?

Lately, I’ve found myself using the camera on my phone more and more to create images. I currently have an iPhone XS with great camera ability but it has never been a camera that I rely on to create images. With the extensive edits that I carry out on the images that I capture in order to bring them to life, it is important that I have raw files as a starting point. Although iPhone images are of great quality, extensive edits tend to degrade the final image quality.

Lately, I’ve found myself to be less rigid on my practices and to experiment more with different cameras, my phone being one of them. Maybe it is because I am getting older.

I’ve found myself learning different aspects of photography when using my phone camera and the flexibility that it provides.


First of all, this is the most portable camera that I’ve ever had. It is always in hand or in my pocket and it also the last thing I make sure that I have when I leave home. It captures great quality images that can quickly be edited on the same device. There are numerous applications currently available including Adobe Lightroom mobile.

By embracing the potential of the camera phone and by not concentrating on its limitations, I was able to create images that I truly like. I admit that they are very different from any images in my portfolio, I am loving the ability to learn and to see things differently.

The only thing that I have taken from my experience is that the best camera isn’t necessarily the latest on the market, the most expensive, the ones with the most powerful features. Even my own DSLR that I love so much would have been useless for me when I first started. The best creatives are those that are able to adapt and mould themselves to any situation, those that see limitations as challenges.

The most important lesson here is simply that our cameras are tools and all other aspects of creativity come from experimentation and a lot of practice and even more failures. After all without failures, we would not have any successes.

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  1. paula graham says:

    I read somewhere : the best camera is the one you have with you!

    1. pammyv02 says:

      It always turns out to be true.

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