The process of creating

The process of creating is a process of knowledge and creativity that requires open and flexible mind. Creating for me, means going out taking images and then create the image later with the help of photoshop. In this instance, the capture of the image is simply the first step.

The second step in my process often requires editing some more extensive than others. At the start of my photography, I hated editing probably because I had no idea what I was doing and photoshop felt and looked like a maze. Once I became comfortable with photoshop, I found editing to be enjoyable. The process of recreating what I have in mind and see it come to life is exciting.

However, it takes so much time to become good and comfortable. This process includes going through countless amounts of failures and struggles. Especially when you are doing this on the side with a full time job. Trying to master another skill include many late nights and free time and returning to work exhausted.

Trine © Pamela Aminou

Just like any skill in life, there’s no quick solution or speeding the process. However, I’ve been through all the high and lows while creating and learning. I’ve used countless of methods and quite a few amount of trial and error by doing it alone.

From what I’ve noticed with those who get started with photography and editing is that a large percentage lack the right skills or learn in a very inefficient way.

The process of creating is not a straight path in my experience. They are days where I feel that the possibilities are endless. On the other end of the spectrum, I have no idea what will happen next. I’ve learned to be patient with myself and embrace the good and the bad. All in all I am still learning and that is the most enjoyable part of this journey.

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