Being Present

As individuals that lead second lives online, we are expected to have perfect lives. We all know that life is far from perfect.

August is an emotionally difficult month for for me. This year’s has been more difficult than past years. I lost someone very dear to me five years ago and her birthday is in August.

Each year, I can’t help but to wonder what life she would have been living, what she could have been doing and generally where she would be in life.

Reminiscing reminds me that it is also important to be present and grateful for where I am in life. Being present to me means taking a better look at where I live and seeing what has to offer and most importantly it’s beauty.

Lately, I have been daydreaming about where I would like to go next and especially what I loved about travelling conveniently forgetting that London is where I first discovered photography. It is where I first picked up my camera, practised my craft and learned everything I currently know and love about photography.

So I will stop being lazy, coming up with excuses and stop running through places and take the tint to really be present, observe and take in my surroundings. Mostly importantly, learn to experience things before picking up my camera.

Be present in body, mind and attention.

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