Photography Failures

A key lesson that I learned in photography is that consistency is key. As a way to keep myself accountable and be consistent, I chose to start a photography blog. Before publishing my first post, I did some research. One of the most common advice given were to only share your best images. Same goes when publishing on any social media network.

My field of study and work is science. Science and research are the other thing that I love. For me, art and science are both sides of the same coin. In science, failure is seen as a natural part of experimentation. To learn how a process works or develop a new one, you must try, fail and try again.

In photography, failure is not necessarily seen in the same way. We are often discouraged from sharing our failures so I decided to share one of mine.

Failure is inevitable in life and also in art. So hiding our failures makes it seem as though our successes happen overnight.

Without failures, there would be no risks or pushing boundaries and art would remain stagnant and the creative spirit would be wasted on our own fears.

The image that I am sharing with you today is not one that I would have ever shared. My vision for this image has failed miserably. The image is took dark and the details are barely visible even after re-editing this image twice. It is worst when printed. It is important for me to share my failure as a way for me to stop chasing perfection and embrace my failures/

However hard that may be for me to accept, failure can sometimes be a necessary step towards success. Without failures, there is no room to grow and learn. For the moment, I am learning to embrace my failures as part of life, learning, art and growth.

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