Looking up for a view

When it comes to architecture, looking up is inevitable. Especially in a place like London with all of its skyscrapers. Sooner or later, you end up pointing your camera towards the sky. Some architectural elements can also only reveal their full effect when viewed from below.

This particular view demonstrates how powerful this perspective is especially when it comes to challenging how we normally see things.

My aim has always been to add interest and creativity to what we see on the daily basis that we often overlook.

In the corner © Pamela Aminou

With these type of images perspective is key. There’s the obvious and the not so obvious. Getting the chance to revisit places, you are forced to see beyond the obvious. I’ve learned that the key is knowing what to leave out.

With this image, I chose to include a lot of negative space which gave a different look and resulted in a visually different image with a different feel.

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  1. paula graham says:

    Great, as always

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