How light creates emotion in black and white photography?

The fundamental aspects of photography is light. light is at the heart of every image that I create. Without light, photography will not exist. Light is literally the foundation of every image that we create. light gives shape and meaning to the scenes that we witness.

As a fine art photographer, being able to effectively mould and shape the available light to create the image that I’ve envisioned is an essential part of my work.

Light has the extraordinary power to create emotion. Photography is light and without it, there wouldn’t be any images. There are different quality of light and all carry their own emotions.

If you followed this blog for a while, you may have noticed that I like my work dark and moody. This is why I personally prefer to capture my images on moody days when the weather is dramatic. I find that dark light creates more striking images making the photograph mysterious and dramatic.

I find dark light creates more striking images. Darker light create powerful, ominous, intense and somber emotions depending on the subject.

Contrast occur when bright and dark elements are right next to each other. It is not surprising that high contrast images draw a lot of attention. They are dramatic and can hold their own. High contrast images are dramatic, loud, vibrant, punchy and sharp and draw similar emotions in the viewer.

Low contrast images however, do not stand out in the crowd as they are more muted and subdued. When my aim to create such images, I capture them on overcast days when the light is beautifully diffused. These images are more subtle and the interest is drawn on the subject.

Emotions of low contrast images are subdued, gentle, soft, quiet and muted.

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